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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Use for the Services of localtourism.it

General Information


localtourism.it is the platform for the promotional-commercialization of food and wine products from all over the Italian territory.

The owner of the website and the localtourism.it app is Rete del Mediterraneo, a Tourism Development Agency, located in Foggia (FG) Via Galliani, 18 - VAT number 02303810713, certified email: retedelmediterraneo@pec.it.

The manager of the platform is Rete del Mediterraneo, a network of companies located in Foggia, at Via Galliani 18, VAT number 00390750693, certified email: retedelmediterraneo@pec.it.

On it, Suppliers will be able to promote and sell their Services and/or Products; while users (customers) will be able to book and/or purchase services and products.

The services and products available on the platform are:

  • a) tourism experiences (for example: guided tours, nature and sports excursions, tastings, company visits, workshops, etc...);
  • b) accommodations, namely rooms and beds
  • c) tables for lunches and dinners
  • d) typical products, agri-food and artisanal, etc...
  • e) integrated tourism services and tour packages

localtourism.it reserves the right to expand the categories of services and products available on its platform at any time.

Suppliers thus offer their Customers the possibility to book and purchase products and services through the integrated website - app www.localtourism.it.

The sale of integrated tourist products ("packages") through localtourism.it is carried out by the Tour Operator “Si Viaggiare” (hereinafter TO), located in Foggia at Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 38, part of the Rete del Mediterraneo, the entity managing the platform.

The “General Conditions of Sale” represent the terms on which the service and/or product provider (hereafter simply “Supplier”) agrees to make their Performances available on the Site (as defined below), as well as the terms on which they agree to provide their services/products to the Customer.

Only Users (Suppliers and Customers) who have previously viewed and unconditionally accepted the “General Conditions of Use of localtourism.it will be able to access the functionalities provided by the platform.

localtourism.it reserves the right to change these terms of use of the platform according to its possible future needs. Users will be notified of any changes; in such circumstance, to continue using the services of localtourism.it, it will be necessary to accept the new terms of use.


Article 1. Definitions and Purpose

1.1. Definitions

The following definitions have the same meaning in both plural and singular forms.

By “Attractions” we mean tourist activities/experiences, admissions to sites, monuments and museums, tickets for shows, concerts and events, guided tours, excursions, etc..., except for services excluded by art. 33 paragraph 1 letter b) of the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 79/2011).

By “Customer” we mean a user who books and/or purchases one or more services/products offered on localtourism.it.

By “Booking Customer” we mean the user who makes the reservation for themselves and/or on behalf of others in the same reservation.

By “Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances” we mean in the sense specified in art. 5.6

By “Lack of Conformity” we mean any inaccuracy or non-compliance related to a service or product.

By “Provider of Services and/or Products” we mean the subject that makes their Services and/or Products available through localtourism.it

Tourist Package” has the same meaning as "package" provided for in art. 32 of the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 79/2011)

Linked Travel Arrangement” has the meaning provided by art. 33 of the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 79/2011)

By “Rules and Restrictions” we mean the terms and conditions applicable to the Services provided by Suppliers (including, among others, the rules and restrictions of the accommodation service provider, air transport conditions, etc...).

By “Service” we mean any service offered on localtourism.it, including the booking/purchase of accommodations and rooms, lunches/dinners, tourist experiences, guided tours and tourist assistance, excursions, admissions to museums and monuments, tickets for shows and concerts, transport services, tickets for trains, airplanes or ships, car rental, entries to attractions, insurance, and tour packages and related payment management services.

By “Product” we mean any item offered on the Site, among typical products, agri-food products, wines, spirits, art and craft items, clothing, gadgets, etc...

By “User” we mean any subject who registers on localtourism.it, both as a Provider of services/products and as a Customer.

By “Site” we mean the website www.localtourism.it and its related mobile application.

1.2. Scope of Application and Relationship with localtourism.it

The Rete del Mediterraneo manages on behalf of the Rete del Mediterraneo the localtourism.it platform which acts as an interface between Users (Customers and Suppliers). When a purchase for a Service or Product is made using the Site, a contract is concluded with the relevant Supplier.

These General Conditions apply to the offer and supply of services/products via the localtourism.it website/app and incorporate all the Rules and Restrictions made available to the Customer before the booking and/or purchase are completed and which the Customer accepts at the time of booking and/or purchase. It is the Customer's responsibility to review these General Conditions and applicable Rules and Restrictions.

These General Conditions may be amended by the site operator, in agreement with the Rete del Mediterraneo, at any time without notice, as may the Rules and Restrictions. Such changes will not apply to bookings/purchases already made and/or accepted before they come into force.

It is therefore essential that the Customer reads, saves and/or prints a copy of the General Conditions at the time the booking and/or purchase is made, in order to be aware of the applicable provisions.


Article 2. General Conditions of Use of localtourism.it

2.1 Commitments and Obligations of the Supplier (seller) - “General Conditions of Sale”

localtourism.it assists the Supplier in selling their services/products, acting as an interface in relations with Customers. This service is provided to Suppliers registered on the localtourism.it website/app for free until 30/06/2023; from 01/07/2023, the service will be subject to a fee. The percentage to be paid to localtourism.it will be specified in the update of the terms of use, which the Supplier User may subscribe to again.

The Supplier must be at least eighteen years of age, be enabled to sell the products and services offered, possess any necessary authorizations and insurance coverage required for the provision of the services and products proposed, have the legal capacity to conclude contracts, have the necessary authorization or power to act for or on behalf of any subject involved in the provision of the service or in the supply of the proposed product. Moreover, they must use the Site in compliance with these General Conditions.

The Supplier guarantees the accuracy of the information entered on the Site and is responsible for the quality of the service and product offered; they ensure and confirm that the details provided with reference to the proposed offers are complete and accurate. They are responsible for the activities carried out through the Site and are also responsible for the consequences arising from the possible use of their nickname and their access password to the Site.

The Supplier is the only party responsible for the individual sale of performances and/or services and/or products and for their correspondence to what is promoted through localtourism.it.

The Supplier indemnifies the Owner, Site Manager, and Tour Operator from any liability arising from:

  • any discrepancies between the description of the offered services/products and their actual quality;
  • management of the bookings of their activities/structures (overbooking, cancellations, etc...);

Any fraudulent use of the Site or in contrast with these General Conditions will constitute a reason to deny the Service Provider access to the Site’s functionalities.

The Supplier commits to:


a) Present your activity and services transparently

By using localtourism.it, you agree to:

  • Provide honest and accurate information in your Profile section about the Products and/or Services and/or Performances offered
  • Honor the terms of sale related to the Products and/or Services and/or Performances offered
  • Accurately represent your Products and/or Services and/or Performances offered
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others
  • Not circumvent any fees owed to localtourism.it (Manager) and/or the TO
  • Apply the “Parity Rate” principle in determining sales prices, that is, not to apply sales prices for the Products and/or Services and/or Performances offered that are different from those listed on localtourism.it, in case other sales channels (not only online) are also used.
  • The provider of lodging services (accommodation facilities) commits to applying the principle of “Free Sales” in the sale of their rooms, without prematurely closing their availability, except for the actual sale of the entire capacity of the same facility.


b) Use communication methods according to the following guidelines

localtourism.it provides its users with a messaging service via email for exchanging information, requesting bookings, notifications of purchase confirmation, requests for changes, cancellations, etc...

The use of messages to other Users/Customers for sending unsolicited advertisements or promotions, Spam, Donation Requests, and anything else not relevant to the specific request made by the Customer is not allowed.

Discriminatory or offensive content is strictly prohibited (regarding this, see letter l) of this article).


c) Respect current regulations on Privacy and protection of personal information

The Supplier is responsible for the protection of personal information relating to other Users received or processed through localtourism.it; therefore, they must comply with all relevant legal requirements.

Data protection and privacy laws govern the possible ways of using User information on localtourism.it.

When a Supplier processes personal information of other Users (for example, personal data, address, email, shipping address, telephone number, etc...), according to EU law, they are considered as an independent data controller regarding other users’ data.

For more information on the General Data Protection Regulation, readers are invited to consult https://gdpr-info.eu/ and https://www.dataprotection.ie/.

As the data controller (who decides which personal data is collected and the purpose for using it), the Supplier may be required, under applicable data protection and privacy laws, to honor any requests received from customers/users regarding access to their data, portability, correction, deletion, and objections to their processing.

It is specified that disclosing, or transferring to third parties, a user’s personal information without their expressed consent constitutes unauthorized disclosure, which is prosecutable and punishable.

Information obtained through localtourism.it and relating to platform Users may be used by Suppliers only for communications related to localtourism or for transactions made through it. The Supplier may not use this information for unsolicited commercial messages or unauthorized transactions. Without the user’s consent, it is not possible to add any localtourism.it user to one’s email or mailing list, use the user’s identity for marketing actions, obtain or retain payment information.

localtourism.it (Owner and Manager), the TO, and each individual Supplier, each within their competence, are considered joint controllers of data and personal information.

Readers are invited to review the privacy policies and personal data processing of localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) and the TO presented in articles 14, 15, and 16 of these General Conditions.


d) Create and upload content

The Supplier is required to upload content related to their proposals/offers on the localtourism.it platform, consisting of:

  • Descriptions, specifications, price lists, photographs, logistical information, routes, geolocations, and anything else required by the platform for the correct presentation of offers.

It is specified that prices and price lists for any service/product, in addition to respecting the parity rate principle, must include any commissions due to the management of payment systems. Moreover, for products, shipping costs must be clearly stated.

The prices and price lists related to tourism services, in addition to respecting the parity rate principle, must include:

  • any commissions due to the management of payment systems;
  • any remuneration to be provided to the TO for the potential sale of services, accommodations, and performances within tourist packages (the brokerage quota of the packages due to the entity responsible for their sale is 20%).

Note- The publication of any content uploaded to the localtourism.it platform can be checked by the staff managing it; following a verification of the Supplier’s adherence to the guidelines at point l) of this article, the content will be published. localtourism.it reserves the right not to publish, remove, and/or delete any content that is not deemed appropriate for the purpose of the platform.


e) Be responsible for the content proposed on localtourism.it

The Supplier acknowledges that they are the sole responsible for the Content published on localtourism.it.

They declare:

  • to have all the necessary rights for the publication of texts, descriptions, photos, and anything else that constitutes part of their listings;
  • that in the act of publishing their content they are not violating or infringing the rights of third parties.

The Supplier agrees not to publish any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive or in violation of our Discrimination Policy (at point l) of this article). The Supplier also commits not to publish any content that is false or misleading and to not use the services in a way that is fraudulent or deceptive.

The Supplier is aware that any content published, which is considered by localtourism.it to be inappropriate, unsuitable, or in violation of the Discrimination Policy referred to in point l) of this article, will be removed from the platform.


f) Grant permission for use to localtourism.it

By publishing content and listings on localtourism.it, the Supplier grants localtourism.it (Owner) a license to use them. localtourism.it does not claim any ownership rights over the Supplier's Content, but has the permission to use them to enable the platform and the Site/App to function and to grow. This way, localtourism.it can help to promote Services and Products, not only through its website and app but also using its social networks. Moreover, the Supplier consents to the use of his content (or parts of it) for the creation of promotional materials (digital or otherwise) by localtourism.it (Owner). Finally, it is recognized and accepted that localtourism.it may place promotions on the website/app and on related social channels, which could involve the Supplier's offers.


g) Grant permission for inclusion of Services and Products in Packages

By publishing Services and Products on localtourism.it, the Supplier grants localtourism.it and the TO a license to use them in the creation of Integrated Tourist Packages. The conditions for the provision/sale of Services within any Packages are assumed to be unchanged, compared to those related to the provision/sale of the individual Service.


h) Assign the following rights to localtourism.it

By publishing their content, the Supplier grants to localtourism.it (Owner) a non-exclusive, free, irrevocable, transferable, and perpetual license to use, display, modify, reproduce, distribute, store, and prepare derivative works from the granted content. This allows localtourism.it to provide Services to the Supplier and promote its activities/products, the Monti Dauni tourist destination, and tourist Services in general, in any format and through any channel, including localtourism.it Services or any social media, third-party website, or advertising medium. The Supplier agrees not to assert any moral rights or rights of publicity against localtourism.it (Owner) concerning the use of his content. The Supplier also recognizes localtourism.it's legitimate interest in using such content, in accordance with the purpose of this license, to the extent that the content itself contains personal information. localtourism.it (Owner), by virtue of the acquired rights, can therefore (by way of example): use photos and descriptions uploaded to the site by the Supplier to produce any other promotional materials for the Services and Products, as well as for the generic promotion of the Monti Dauni.


i) Build a positive reputation through the review system

localtourism.it allows Users to leave a review about the services and experiences they have used and the products they have purchased. Reviews contribute to building a good reputation for the Supplier and the tourist Destination. Users/Customers can leave a review about the service/product purchased, even attaching photos of the experience, travel, accommodation, or product bought and used. The Supplier may optionally respond to the review.

Reviews and responses to them that may be offensive or discriminatory in any way will not be published (in this regard, readers are invited to review the Discrimination Policy at point l) of this article).


j) Provide excellent customer service

Suppliers commit to adhering to high standards of quality for the services and products offered and to:

  • Respond to Messages from other Users/Customers promptly.
  • Honor commitments made in the Conditions for the provision of services/products
  • Resolve any disputes or disagreements directly with the buyer.

If it is not possible to provide a service or deliver a product, the Supplier must inform the Customer promptly through the messaging system of localtourism.it and cancel the order.

The Supplier is required to ensure excellent customer service and maintain the trust of their buyers.


k) Respond swiftly to requests for information, booking, purchasing, cancellation, return, and replacement of Products


If a transaction cannot be completed, it is necessary to notify the Customer through the Messages of localtourism.it and cancel the transaction. If the Customer has already made the payment, localtourism.it (Manager) will issue a full refund. Notification of the refund will be forwarded to both Supplier and Customer. It is suggested to keep proof of any refunds in case a dispute arises.

Right of withdrawal in the European Union

Buyers in the EU have a “right of withdrawal” for a period of 14 days after receiving an item, during which they can return that item for any reason. The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made items or certain perishable goods. The Supplier is required to comply with the regulations in force for each category of goods handled.


l) Anti-Discrimination Policy

localtourism.it prohibits any use of its services intended to discriminate against people based on the following characteristics (collectively referred to as "protected groups"):

  • Race
  • Color
  • Ethnic or national origin
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Or any other characteristic protected under relevant laws

It is the user's responsibility to be aware of and comply with anti-discrimination laws and regulations. Furthermore, localtourism.it does not permit hate speech, which is defined as using offensive, derogatory, or demeaning language towards people or groups based on one or more characteristics related to such protected group.

When interacting with features of localtourism.it, such as posting offers, writing or responding to reviews, or having direct communication with other members of the community, particularly between Suppliers and Customers, for example, through Messages, discriminatory behaviors and hate speech are not allowed.

Some examples of prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing your service/product to someone because of their membership in one or more protected groups
  • Expressing intolerance or disrespect for another User based on racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation characteristics, etc...
  • Having terms of sale that plan to exclude transactions with users from one or more of the previously listed protected groups
  • Making direct or indirect derogatory and demeaning comments towards the protected groups listed above
  • Using racial slurs and homophobic/biphobic/transphobic insults, etc...
  • Using expressions that may offend the philosophical or religious beliefs of other Users
  • Writing Messages that support or glorify hate groups and their leaders or followers

Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to use localtourism.it for the dissemination/promotion of:

  • political ideologies;
  • fake news;
  • life philosophies;
  • religious beliefs.

If a User believes there has been a violation of this policy on localtourism.it, they are obliged to report it via email to the following address assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

Users who repeatedly violate localtourism.it's anti-discrimination policy will have their platform usage license revoked.

2.2. Regulations on the Use of Services provided by localtourism.it

localtourism.it grants to the Provider registered to it a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license for the use of services, in accordance with the Terms and the following restrictions in particular:

a. Prohibition of using our Services to violate the law.

The Provider agrees that it will not violate any law by using the services made available by localtourism.it. This includes all local, state, and international laws that may apply to the Provider. For example: it is the Provider’s responsibility to obtain all the permits, licenses authorizations that its business requires; the Provider may not sell any service or product that violates laws; the Provider may not commit fraud (including false statements or notices of violation), theft, engage in anti-competitive conduct, dangerous conduct, or commit any other illegal action or crimes against localtourism.it (Owner and Manager), the TO, and other Users (Providers and Clients).

b. Payments

Payments for services and products on localtourism.it can occur according to two methods:

  • 1) “book now, pay at the facility” which entails the direct payment from the Client to the provider
  • 2) “purchase now” which entails the direct deposit of the amount due to localtourism.it (Manager)

In this case, the payment to the Service Provider is made at the end of the month by the manager of localtourism.it, following the forwarding of a regular fiscal document, and will consist in the disbursement of the cumulative amount of all the services provided in the previous month and sold through the website/app Visimontidauni. It is specified that the payment will be made by bank transfer net of the emission expenses of the same (in the current year €1.50).

The Provider on its part is responsible for the issuance of fiscal documents towards localtourism.it (manager) and the payment of all the amounts it owes to any Third-Party Providers (including any commissions to localtourism.it - Manager for economic transaction systems used by the platform, TO for selling services and packages, etc...); for the collection and/or payment of applicable taxes, for purchases or sales made through localtourism.it.

e. Use of the Monti Dauni brand

The “Monti Dauni” brand and other trademarks, claims, phrases, logos, coordinated graphics, and designs used by localtourism.it in connection with website/app services, are service marks or trade images owned by the Mediterranean Network. If the Provider wishes to use said brand, it may make a request by sending an email to: turismo@meridaunia.it

It will be at the discretion of the Mediterranean Network to grant or deny the license for their use.

g. Internal Communications

localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) and the TO have the right to send to the Providers information and requests for information by email.

2.3. The Client’s Obligations

localtourism.it assists the Client in finding services and products and in making the necessary reservations and purchases; thus, it acts as an interface in transactions made with the Providers.

The Client must be at least eighteen years of age, have the legal capacity to enter into contracts at the time of booking/purchase, have the necessary authorization or power to act for or on behalf of everyone included in a booking/purchase, and must use the Site in compliance with these General Conditions.

The Client assures and confirms that the details provided with reference to all parts of the booking and/or purchase are complete and accurate, that all parties have agreed to be bound by these General Conditions, and that the Booking/Purchasing Consumer (Client) has the authority to accept and does accept these General Conditions on behalf of all clients of the booking.

The Client is the person responsible for the booking and/or purchase, for the payment of the deposit and the full price, for any requests for modifications or cancellations.

The Client agrees to check all descriptions in the documents received after booking/purchase (Voucher) and to inform localtourism.it immediately in case of errors or other circumstances including cases where personal details contain errors. Any communication should be forwarded to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

The Client is responsible for the activities carried out through the Site (from an ethical and economic point of view) and is also responsible for the consequences arising from the possible use of his access credentials to the Site. The Client guarantees the accuracy of the personal information he has entered on the Site and, if applicable, the information about the people traveling with him.

The Client is obliged to comply with the anti-discrimination regulations that govern the methods and content of communications; in particular, it is forbidden to use inappropriate, obscene, or offensive language towards other Users (Providers and other Clients), localtourism.it (Owner and Manager), TO, or external subjects in Messages and reviews.

Any fraudulent use of the Site or in contrast with these General Conditions will constitute a reason to deny the Client access to the Services offered by localtourism.it.

2.3.1 Conscious Booking/Purchase of Services and/or Products

The client who books/purchases a Service/product on localtourism.it, performs such operations knowingly, agreeing to:

  • have read the description of the service/product and the conditions of sale thereof, before making the purchase;
  • commit to making the payments for the service(s) and/or product(s) purchased, as provided for by these General Conditions;
  • have provided accurate shipping information (in the case of purchasing Products);
  • have provided a correct email for receiving communications from localtourism.it.

The Client also accepts:

a) the sending of newsletters from the Mediterranean Network (optional, insert flag)


3. "General Conditions of Booking and Purchase of Services and/or Products"
Travel Services - Instructions for Users (Providers and Clients)

3.1. Confirmation, modification, and cancellation of bookings/purchases

localtourism.it offers a messaging system via email for Users (Providers and Clients).

3.1.1 Confirmation

localtourism.it (Manager) sends a Confirmation email to the Client in the case of booking and/or purchasing services and/or products; this communication includes the essential elements of the order such as description, quantity, price, date of provision, etc… and can also be found in the Client Profile section on the website/app. If the Client does not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours from making a booking and/or purchase, and cannot see their booking and/or purchase on the website/app, they must contact the Customer Service, by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

It is understood that the data stored in the computer systems of localtourism.it and/or its Providers will constitute proof of the bookings and purchases made. Data stored on computers or electronic supports therefore constitutes valid evidence, and must be accepted under the same conditions and with the same evidential value as a written document on paper.

3.1.2 Cancellation

Except as provided in art. 5.3 with reference to Travel Packages, cancellations can be made by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

  • at least 72 hours before the scheduled date for the provision of the service, in the case of accommodations, catering services, transportation
  • at least 7 days in advance in the case of experiences/activities

localtourism.it (Manager) may apply management fees in case of cancellation of a booking/purchase.

In case of total or partial cancellation of a booking/purchase, within the times provided by these conditions, a fee may be charged to the Client to cover the costs already incurred for the organization of the service/supply.

If a cancellation concerns more than one user within a single booking/order of purchase, any possible expense due to the cancellation will be charged against each user within the same booking/order of purchase.

If the Client’s cancellation notification is forwarded to localtourism.it outside the specified time limits, no refund will be made in their favor.

For additional cancellation rights and restrictions relating to Travel Packages, see paragraph 5.3

3.1.3 Modification of the booking

Except as provided in art 5.3 for travel packages, if, after making a booking/purchase of services, the Client wishes to modify its details, regarding the date, destination, accommodation, or means of transportation, etc…. they may, if allowed by their booking/purchase, make such change on the site www.localtourism.it in the section relating to their User Profile or send an email with a modification request to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it. In case of modification of a booking, an additional cost to the original may be applied - for more details, please refer to the Rules and Restrictions made available during the booking/purchase process.

localtourism.it (Manager) may apply management fees in case of modification of a booking.

3.1.4 Refunds

In cases where a refund is due to the Client, for example for cancellation by the Provider of a service, the related sums, net of necessary possible deductions, will be returned by the party that received the original payment on the card used to carry out the original transaction.

Any booking/purchase fees in force will not be refundable, except as provided in paragraph 5.3 for travel packages.

3.1.5 Documents

Following a booking/purchase of one or more services and/or products, as well as travel packages, localtourism.it issues a digital Voucher to the Client related to the booking/purchase order, containing the booking/purchase documents, available on the platform in the Client Profile and sent via Confirmation email to the address provided by the Client during registration on the Site/app.

localtourism.it (Manager), the TO, or the Provider of the purchased service cannot be held responsible if the delivery or availability of the booking/purchase documents proves impossible due to an error made by the Client in providing their personal details or their email address.

3.1.6 Payment

The Client will have to provide their credit card details and localtourism.it (Manager) will check: the validity of the credit card and the availability of funds on the credit card (which will be subject, for a limited amount, to a pre-authorization procedure, confirmed by the issuing bank of the Client’s credit card).

The costs of the Services and/or Performances and/or Products purchased on the Site can be paid alternatively to:

a) Provider (“book on the site, pay at the facility”)

Some services may only be bookable on localtourism.it, others may allow not only purchasing on the site but also the possibility to book on the site and pay the service later directly to the Provider. In both cases, the client will have to make the booking on localtourism.it, entering their credit card details into the system as a guarantee. The actual payment of the service will occur at the time of its provision and directly to the Provider.

b) localtourism.it (“purchase on the site”)

The payment for the service/product purchased is made by the Client entirely at the time of selecting the service/product on the site and by credit card. Travel Packages can only be purchased in this manner.

Note: Before proceeding with the purchase of the selected Service/product, the Client must ensure that their account has sufficient funds to pay for all the selected services/products. If there are not enough available funds, despite localtourism.it (Manager) not charging any cost or expense on the Client’s account, making the purchase could cause the amounts on the Client’s credit card to be blocked until the transaction amount is formally released by the issuing bank.

Following both possible choices made, localtourism.it (Manager) will notify the Client of the acceptance of the booking/purchase order made by means of a digital Voucher available on the Client’s profile of the Site/App and by confirmation email. The confirmation email will therefore contain a copy of the booking/purchase details. If any data is not correctly reported, or the Client does not view the Voucher in their profile section and/or does not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, the Client is required to promptly contact the Customer Service at the email assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

3.1.7 Payment to different parties

The Client can make payments on localtourism.it towards multiple services, also provided by different Providers, using the “cart” and “your trip” functions.

The “cart” function allows the purchase of multiple services and/or products, not attributable to a single Travel experience. The “your trip” function instead allows the Client to construct a tailor-made Travel Package. In this case, localtourism.it accepts the client’s request and applies to the created product the same provision and sale policies of Travel Packages (including assistance from the TO). In both cases, localtourism.it (Manager) does not apply any kind of commissions, therefore the total amount resulting from both “cart” and “your trip” operations will not exceed the total price of the selected services.

If the Client should erroneously use the “cart” instead of the “your trip” function (or vice versa) for the creation of a tailor-made Package, localtourism.it (Manager) will by default transfer the order to the correct category. This operation will not entail any variation for the Client.

3.2 Specific Services and Products

3.2.1. Attractions, activities, and experiences

localtourism.it offers the Client a wide range of activities in the “Experiences” section that can be carried out during a holiday in the Monti Dauni area. These activities are very diverse and range from the classic guided tour of cultural attractions, to nature hikes, visits to typical product companies, food and wine tastings, role-playing games, and so on.

The experiences are provided by Providers, who are responsible for their implementation and who must have all the necessary authorizations to conduct that type of activity and any related insurance coverage. The Client can book/purchase one or more experiences by adding them to their “cart”; or they may find them already included in Travel Packages (in the “Itineraries” section of the website); or they can select them using the “Your Trip” feature, creating a tailor-made package.

Within the website/app, the client will find all the information related to the experiences available: date, prices, logistics, any necessary equipment, duration, complementary services, etc...

It is the responsibility of each Provider to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the data entered regarding the description of the activities.

It is possible that some activities and experiences offered by Providers on localtourism.it may be canceled, for example due to adverse weather conditions, force majeure, or if the required number of participants to activate them is not reached.

In the case of experiences that include multiple activities, the sequence of these activities mentioned in the description is to be considered purely indicative. The sequence may be modified by the Provider, depending on the needs or contingencies of the moment.

3.2.2 Bookings

All Experience bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking. The acceptance of bookings made by the Client by localtourism.it (Manager) will depend on the actual availability of the activities.

localtourism.it (Manager) commits to keeping the listings on the website updated, but does not guarantee that every Experience advertised on it will be available at the time of booking. localtourism.it will inform the Client as soon as possible after booking if, for any reason, the Experience for which the Client has made the booking is not available.

The experiences are activated if the minimum number of participants set by the Provider is reached. The Client may purchase the experience if this number has already been reached, otherwise, they will need to book it. Upon reaching the minimum number, the Client will be notified of the actual purchase of the experience in their personal User Profile section of the Site.

A contract will be concluded between the Client and the Provider only when the price due for the purchase of the service has been paid and localtourism.it has issued a Purchase Confirmation email to the Client, containing a digital Voucher with the order details, also available in the User Profile on the Site/App.

3.2.3 Prices

The Provider is responsible for the accuracy of the cost indication of an Experience on localtourism.it.

The prices of Experiences do not include any insurance coverage, rental of equipment, or anything else that may be necessary for the conduct of the activities planned, unless expressly indicated in the description of the Experience itself.

3.2.4 Cancellations and changes made by the Client Cancellation

The possible cancellation and modification of an Experience by localtourism.it are contemplated in the following cases:

  • failure to reach the minimum number of participants required;
  • impossibility of conducting the activity due to force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions, verified impossibility of reaching the location of the activities, natural disasters, epidemics, etc...

In both cases, it will be the care of localtourism.it (Manager) to notify the Client of the cancellation of an experience. The Client can then choose a new date for the experience, a refund of the amount paid, or use the amount paid to purchase other available Experiences. In this case, any cost differences between the originally chosen Experience and the alternative one will be compensated either by payment of the missing amount by the Client or by a refund of the excess amount by localtourism.it (Manager). The client is given the option to request a credit Voucher from localtourism.it Customer Service, by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it, having the same value as the purchased and canceled Experience to be used within 3 months for the purchase of other services/products on the platform. This Voucher will be available in the requesting Client’s User Profile and will be sent via email.

In the case of cancellation of an experience by the Client, it will be accepted if notified at least 7 days before the date of the experience. localtourism.it (Manager) may still retain part of the cost of the Experience to cover any expenses incurred.

In addition to the right to cancel, the Client has the right to cancel an Experience without incurring any cost if an event due to Inevitable and Extraordinary Circumstances occurs at the place of the experience or in its immediate vicinity, provided that localtourism.it (Manager) has confirmed that such an event can have a substantial impact on the execution of the Experience or could affect the transport of passengers to that place. If the Client cancels under these circumstances, localtourism.it (Manager) will provide a full refund of the payments made for the booking but the Client will not be entitled to any compensation.

In this case, the Client may also request the issuance of a credit Voucher having the same value as the canceled Experience to be used within 3 months for the purchase of other services/products on the platform. Naturally, in this case, they will not be entitled to any refund.

If the Client does not show up for an purchased Experience or does not use some or all of the booked Services, they will not be entitled to any refund. Modification of a booking/purchase by the Client

If, following a booking/purchase of an Experience, a Client wants to modify elements such as the date of the event, time, etc…, the Client is required to access the Experiences section of the Site and check the possibility to modify the booking online. It is specified that not all Experience bookings/purchases may be modifiable.

Furthermore, localtourism.it (Manager) may impose a fee in case of modification to a purchase - please consult the applicable Rules and Restrictions communicated during the booking process for more details. Assignment by the participant

The Client may transfer an Experience to another person who meets all the conditions for the use of the Experience itself, to perform such operation it will be necessary, where possible, to access the section related to their User Profile on the site and change the participant’s details, or send a request by email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it; this operation is allowed up to 7 days before the date of the event. For such possible assignment neither localtourism.it (Manager) nor the Provider apply increases to the established and/or already paid price. Responsibility of localtourism.it for the execution of the Experiences

localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) does not provide any of the services related to the conduct of the Experiences, which are delivered by Third-Party Providers. localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) is therefore not responsible for the execution of the services related to the tourist Experiences promoted and/or marketed on its platform.

The Client can inform localtourism.it (Manager) of any inaccurate or failed execution of the Experience ("Lack of Conformity") by sending an email to the customer service within 3 days from the date of the event: assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it. localtourism.it reserves the right to verify the alleged conditions of lack of conformity reported and in the case of actual verification of the same proceed to a possible partial refund to the Client. No refund can be made by localtourism.it (Manager), in the case where the client has opted for the “book on the site, pay at the facility” payment solution. Accessibility and reduced mobility

Not all Experiences are suitable for clients with reduced mobility or specific needs. It is suggested to contact localtourism.it by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it for more information on the tourist products that might be suitable for the Client’s specific needs so as to receive support before the booking/purchase of the Experience is completed.

3.3.1 Accommodation Services - Bookings and Purchases

Accommodation services can be offered individually or as part of a Travel Package. Except for accommodations to which the "book on the site/pay at the facility" applies, all choice options are made available by localtourism.it (whether offered separately or as part of a Travel Package) in accordance with what has already been exposed and the applicable Rules and Restrictions related to the stay made available before booking/purchase.

Purchasing accommodations in the "purchase on the site" mode will require charging the Customer's credit card for the full payment amount at the time of booking. For other accommodation bookings, it will be necessary to provide credit card details as a guarantee of the booking itself and the final payment that will occur directly at the facility during the stay. The Customer must refer to the detailed information shown during the booking/purchase process to select the chosen payment method. The prices shown on the Site do not include taxes, such as the tourist tax or costs for additional services, including minibar service, equipment rental, etc...

The Customer is allowed to make changes to their booking by notifying localtourism.it by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it no later than 72 hours before the start of the expected check-in. Visimontidauni will verify the possibility of making the changes based on the Provider's availability. Any accepted changes may result in a variation of the total amount of the cost of services.

If a Customer does not show up for the first night booked/purchased and intends to use the accommodation services for the subsequent nights booked, the Customer must notify localtourism.it by sending an email to the customer service assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it, confirming the booking/purchase, with indication of the new arrival at the facility, no later than the date originally planned for the initial check-in, so as to avoid the entire booking being canceled.

If the Customer does not notify localtourism of any changes regarding the date and time of arrival agreed in the booking/purchase, or if they do not show up for the first night, the entire booking may be canceled; the discipline of refunds and withholdings will be as contained in the applicable Rules and Restrictions as made known during the booking/purchase.

3.3.2. Use of rooms

The Customer is reminded that the rooms will be available from 14:00 on the date of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 on the date of departure, regardless of the actual time of arrival or departure or the means of transportation used.

The Customer may indicate to localtourism.it the actual Check-in and check-out time.

Single rooms are usually equipped with a single bed. There is the possibility of booking a double room (double bed) for single use in some facilities (such availability is to be verified in the descriptions on localtourism.it); a supplement is often due for this type of room. Double rooms usually offer two single beds or one double (double bed).

It is also possible to find in the accommodation proposals triple and multiple rooms, suites, apartments, etc...

3.3.3. Comfort Level

Any indications of the comfort level assigned to accommodation facilities in the description on the Site correspond to a description based on the standards present in Italy for that specific type of structure. This classification is purely indicative. We always recommend reading carefully the descriptions of the individual accommodation facilities and their accommodation proposals, in order to have a clear idea of the services offered. Unless otherwise specified, accommodation is to be understood as in standard-type rooms.

It is possible that, from time to time, for various reasons (for example, a facility is overbooked caused by connectivity problems or the facility is closed due to force majeure) the booking may be canceled or modified by the Provider or by localtourism.it (Manager). In the event that this occurs, localtourism.it (Manager) will make all reasonable efforts possible to promptly inform the Customer of the event and where possible will offer alternative accommodation in a facility that has at least the same category and provides similar services.

3.3.4. Non-conventional Accommodations

localtourism.it accommodation facilities include different types: guest houses, B&Bs, farmhouses, hotels, motels, etc... Some proposals concern non-conventional accommodations, for which standard comfort levels are not provided: it could be camping, shelters, tree house hotels, etc... The Customer who intends to book or purchase this type of accommodation is required to carefully read the type of service proposed; by booking/purchasing such types of accommodation the Customer confirms their full awareness of the object and characteristics of the same booking/purchase.

3.3.5 Complementary Services

In the booking/purchase of accommodation, essential services, such as breakfast, and other complementary services, such as the use of sports equipment, access to a spa, etc., may be included. For an informed purchase, the Customer is invited to carefully read the descriptions of the services offered by the accommodation facilities of interest.

It is also noted that not all accommodation facilities offer catering services.

3.4. Catering Services

Catering services, not included in accommodations, can be offered on localtourism.it both as a single service and as part of a Travel Package.

If meals and/or tastings are included in a Package, the number of meals depends on the number of nights stayed; packages may include meals/tastings at different restaurants from the accommodation facility where one is staying.

Full board normally includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Half board normally includes breakfast and either lunch or dinner, depending on the type of offer. The B&B arrangement offers only breakfast. Accommodations that include main meals generally start with dinner on the arrival day at the facility and end with breakfast (in case of half board) or lunch (in case of full board) on the departure day. If the Client does not use one or more meals, no refund will be made.

Clients are recommended to always check the contents of the offers, such as the possible inclusion of water and/or drinks. The descriptions of the offers contain information regarding services dedicated to special needs. However, users with particular dietary needs for health reasons (intolerances and allergies), religious beliefs, or philosophical reasons can request additional information about offers and Providers that provide services that meet their needs by contacting localtourism.it at assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

Parents are advised to bring special foods for children, as they may not be locally available.

It is also specified that the individual offers related to tastings, lunches, or dinners at localtourism.it’s Provider restaurants are subject to menu variations, number of courses, etc...

3.5. Taxes

Local authorities may impose additional taxes (tourist tax, etc.), to be paid locally. The Client shall be solely responsible for the payment of such additional taxes.

3.6 “Purchase on the site” or “Book now and pay at the facility”

The Client can choose the "purchase on the site" or "book now / pay at the facility" payment options. If the "purchase on the site" payment option is selected, the Service is made available to the Client by localtourism.it which will immediately charge the amount in euros on the indicated credit card. If the "book now / pay at the facility" option is selected, the Client must still provide localtourism.it with their credit card details as a guarantee. The actual payment of the amount due will be made directly to the Provider at the facility.

Where the "book now / pay at the facility" option has been selected for a service purchased individually, the Provider will directly make the Service available to the Client. The Client will conclude a contract with the Provider. For such transactions, localtourism.it (Manager), will act as an intermediary between the Client and the Provider (but not as an intermediary in the payment), transmitting the booking details to the Provider in question and sending the Client a confirmation email on behalf of the Provider. The booking of the services will require credit card details to secure the booking and the cards may be verified or pre-authorized.


4.1. Transport

4.1.1. Transport and Car Rental

The Client making the booking and the driver indicated must present a valid credit card in their name at the time of picking up the car. Debit cards (ATM cards) will not be accepted, and it is the Client's responsibility to verify which credit cards are accepted by the Provider.

Transport and car rental services are subject to specific Rules and Restrictions, which the Client is required to accept after becoming aware of the contract that will be provided to them each time they make a booking.

If the Client does not comply with the conditions described by the contract, the Provider may not make the car available, and the full cost of the car rental will be charged.


5. Travel Packages

A Travel Package should be understood as defined in the Tourism Code (Legislative Decree 79/2011). In general terms, a Travel Package is created when the Client makes a single booking that includes a combination of at least two of the following tourist services: (a) air transportation; (b) accommodation; (c) car rental and (d) attractions. The booking/purchase confirmation email will contain confirmation of the services included in the Travel Package. The same information will be visible in the User/Client Profile on the Site/app.

The Travel Packages shown on the Site are made available by localtourism.it and are sold by the TO Si Viaggiare; they will be subject to the terms and conditions of this article and the Rules and Restrictions applicable to the Travel Package. The Client is required to review both before making a purchase.

5.1 Bookings

All bookings for Travel Packages are subject to availability checks. The acceptance by localtourism.it (Manager) of bookings made by the Client will depend on the availability of the Travel Package. localtourism.it is not required to provide reasons for the refusal to accept a booking.

localtourism.it (Manager) will try to ensure that its advertisements are updated but does not guarantee that every Travel Package advertised by it will be available at the time of booking. localtourism.it (Manager) will inform the Client as soon as possible after booking if, for any reason, the Travel Package for which the Client has requested the booking is not available.

A contract will be concluded between the Client and the TO only when the price due on the booking/purchase has been paid and localtourism.it has issued a Booking/Purchase Confirmation Email to the Client, who will also find the details related to the booked/purchased Package in the User Profile section on the Site. The acceptance by localtourism.it (Manager) is formalized by sending a Confirmation Email to the Client within 24 hours of making the booking. No amount will be charged to the Client until the availability of the Service is confirmed.

5.2 Prices

localtourism.it advertises a wide number of Travel Packages and strives to ensure that the advertised price is always accurate. Despite localtourism.it’s best efforts, some of the Services listed on the Site may be incorrectly priced. localtourism.it expressly reserves the right to correct any pricing errors on the site and/or on pending reservations made under an incorrect price.

Normally, localtourism.it (Manager) checks prices at the time of booking. In case of an error, and when the correct price is lower than the price indicated at the time of booking, the lower price will be charged for the purchase. If the price is higher, the Client will be contacted to provide instructions or to cancel their booking (at the sole discretion of localtourism.it) and a notice will be sent to allow them to make a decision regarding it.

localtourism.it is not obligated to provide the Client with a Travel Package that was offered at an incorrect price, even after sending a Booking Confirmation Email, if the error is reasonably recognizable to the Client. In such circumstances, the Client may be contacted to provide instructions or to cancel the Client's booking, and a notice will be sent to allow them to make a decision regarding it.

localtourism.it (Manager) may change the price of a confirmed Travel Package due to causes not attributable to it (e.g., VAT regime increase, price increases due to currency fluctuations, fuel costs in transport, etc...) by notifying the Client of any price increase at least 20 days before the start of the Travel Package, along with the recalculation of the cost of services and a justification for such change(s).

If the price of the Client's Travel Package has increased by more than 10% of the original price, the Client may:

  • (a) accept and pay the price increase;
  • (b) refuse the price increase and withdraw from the Travel Package with a full refund excluding the administrative fees for handling always due;
  • (c) refuse the price increase, withdraw from the Travel Package, and accept an alternative one, if one is offered. If the Client decides to accept an alternative Travel Package, they will be informed of the impact on the price of the booking. If an alternative Travel Package is of lower quality or cost, the Client will be entitled to a refund of the difference in price compared to the package originally confirmed excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

The Client will be given a reasonable period to make a decision: 7 days from the notice of the price increase. If the Client does not confirm within this time period, localtourism.it (Manager) will send a reminder after which the TO will have the right to withdraw from the Travel Package and the Client to receive a full refund excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

The travel descriptions on the Site specify the Services included in the price for each trip. Prices are shown in euros. localtourism.it Packages typically do not include transportation services (airline tickets, train or ship tickets, shuttle services, car rentals, etc...); however, these are available to the Client, who can request them from the TO by activating the “add service” option present on the page related to the individual Package.

Unless specifically indicated, prices do not include insurance, air services, charges for excess luggage, transportation from the airport to the accommodation, visa and vaccination fees, or any personal expense (laundry, telephone, drinks, room service, tips, etc...), tourist taxes, nor tickets for shows, use of sports facilities or any other general cost that is not expressly included in the description of the Package, in the Booking Confirmation email, and the related Voucher.

If localtourism.it (Manager) and/or the TO become aware or are notified of any fraudulent or illegal activity associated with the payment for the booking, the booking will be canceled, and the Client will be responsible for any expenses resulting from such cancellation, without prejudice to actions that may be taken against the Client.

All localtourism.it Packages may also be marketed by other entities authorized to sell travel packages (ADV and TO), should they request it and under the same sales conditions indicated on localtourism.it, including final prices to the Client.

5.3 Cancellations and Changes Made by the Client

5.3.1 Cancellation

Requests from the Client regarding the cancellation or modification of a trip must be submitted online by accessing the Client User Profile section or by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it. These requests will be managed on behalf of localtourism.it (Manager) and the TO.

In the case of cancellation of the Travel Package booking by the Client, localtourism.it (Manager) and the TO may require compensation to cover the costs incurred, in addition to fees owed for cancellation to the Providers. When a cancellation concerns more than one person in the booking, the standard cancellation fee will be applied per person on the booking.

localtourism.it has the right to cancel the booking of a Package before the start of the Trip in case an event due to Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances occurs at the destination and has a significant impact on the execution of the Travel Package and/or could affect the transport of passengers to the destination. In such circumstances, localtourism.it will propose, where possible, an alternative travel option to the client, which may differ in type, dates, and prices. The Client can decide whether to:

  • Accept the package change with the new conditions
  • Withdraw from the package receiving a full refund of the same excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

If the cancellation by localtourism.it, due to exceptional events not attributable to it, occurred within a week from the departure date, the client will have 24 hours to decide and communicate their decision to localtourism.it. If the cancellation occurs within 14 days from the travel date, the client will have 3 days to communicate their decision to localtourism.it.

If the Client does not show up for the departure of the Trip or does not use some or all of the booked Services, refunds will be awarded to the Client in line with the applicable Rules and Restrictions, as established in the booking process. Specific Rules and Restrictions for accommodations, experiences, and other services included in the package are provided before completing a booking.

5.3.2 Effects of a Cancellation

The client can cancel a booked/purchased Package up to 30 consecutive calendar days before the scheduled departure. The cancellation will be made by localtourism.it (Manager) and the TO, corresponding to the Client a partial refund of the Package Cost, net of the expenses already incurred and of management and any fees owed to the Providers. Please note that Travel Packages are subject to applicable Rules and Restrictions, and separate cancellation fees established may be applied.

5.3.3 Modification of a Booking by the Client

If following the making of a booking, a Client wants to modify the contents of the Package regarding travel dates, destination, chosen experiences, the place from which the trip begins, accommodation, or means of transport, or other, the Client is required to access their personal User Profile section of the Site and modify the booking details online if possible, or send a request email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

Neither localtourism.it (Manager), the TO, nor any Provider whose services are included in the Package, has any legal obligation to accept such changes, but they may, at their sole discretion, seek to respond to the Client's requests. Please note that often such changes cannot be accepted, as they may depend on the actual availability of services. Furthermore, following changes to the Package, the cost of the same may vary, due to different service delivery rates included.

If localtourism.it (Manager) and TO accept a modification, the Client agrees to pay an administrative fee for the application of the requested change, in addition to costs that may be indicated by TO and Providers (each within its competence) to apply the changes. The fee could be significant, and such costs tend to increase the closer the change is made to the departure date. Some elements that may constitute a Travel Package (e.g., the flight) may entail a 100% cancellation fee.

5.3.4 Transfer by the Participant

The Client can transfer the Travel Packages to another person who meets all the conditions for the use of the same, provided that the Client and the transferee agree that both will be responsible, jointly and individually, for the full payment of the balance of the price due and for any rights, taxes, and other additional costs resulting from the transfer. localtourism.it (Manager) and TO will notify the Client of such costs at the time the transfer request is received. The Client must give localtourism.it (Manager) and TO reasonable notice of such a change to allow for the necessary arrangements, but 7 days before departure may be considered reasonable. The TO will try to provide assistance for the transfer of the name, but please note that when the Travel Package includes a flight, due to the airline's Rules and Restrictions, a flight cancellation or rebooking (with a 100% cancellation charge) may occur.

5.4 Cancellations and Changes Made by localtourism.it

5.4.1 Significant Changes by localtourism.it Before the Trip

Since the arrangements that form the Travel Package are planned many months in advance, in some circumstances the TO may need to change the Client's Travel Package. The TO reserves the right to make such changes at any time. In cases where such changes are significant, i.e., when they involve the main features of the Travel Package that change one or more services within it, localtourism.it (Manager) and the TO will notify the Client as soon as possible.

The Client will have the choice between:

    (a) accepting the possibly proposed package change. If this results in a Travel Package of lower quality or cost, the Client will be entitled to a price reduction corresponding to the difference in value between the original Package and the substitute Package, excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

    (b) refusing the proposed change and withdrawing from the Travel Package with a full refund excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

    (c) refusing the proposed change, withdrawing from the Travel Package, and accepting an alternative Travel Package possibly offered by the TO under the new contractual conditions.

If the change to the travel package occurred within a week from the departure date, the client will have 24 hours to decide and communicate their decision to the TO. If the change occurs within 14 days from the travel date, the client will have 3 days to communicate their decision to the TO.

If the Client does not confirm within the established periods, localtourism.it (Manager) will send a reminder after which the TO will have the right to withdraw from the Travel Package and the Client to receive a full refund excluding the administrative fees for handling always due.

localtourism.it (Manager) and the TO might not provide any of the previous options in case the change to the Travel Package is a minor change. Please note that a significant change occurs when the modification of one of the services constituting the package makes it impossible to execute it. In all other cases, the change is considered irrelevant and therefore tacitly accepted by the client.

5.4.2 Cancellations by the TO Before the Trip

On rare occasions, the TO may need to cancel the Client's Travel Package and reserves the right to do so. In such a case, localtourism.it (Manager) will inform the Client as soon as possible. The TO may (at its discretion) also offer an alternative Travel Package, where possible, and inform the Client of the impact on the price of the booking. If the alternative Travel Package is of lower quality or cost, the Client will be entitled to a price reduction, corresponding to the difference in value between the original Package and the alternative Package.

If the TO is not in a position to offer the Client an alternative or if the Client prefers it, a full refund of all payments made for the Travel Package will be provided.

5.4.3 Responsibility of localtourism.it and the TO for the Execution of the Travel Package

localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) and the TO do not provide any of the Services, facilities, or travel measures that compose the Travel Package. These are offered by Third-Party Providers with whom the TO agrees to provide the facilities or travel measures that compose the Client's Travel Package. The TO has a legal obligation to act with due diligence in concluding agreements with the Providers for the provision of the facilities or travel measures. The Client is required to inform localtourism.it immediately of any inaccurate or failed execution of the Travel Package ("Lack of Conformity"). This will allow the TO to remedy the Lack of Conformity while the Client is still on vacation. In any case, such rights will not arise if remedying the Lack of Conformity is impossible or involves disproportionate effort. In such circumstance, the Client will be entitled to request a price reduction and/or compensation for damages from the Provider who caused the disservice. Notwithstanding the Assistance role that the TO commits to recognizing on Travel Packages, it is emphasized that it purely offers “Integrated Intermediary Services” in creating packages between various Providers and the Client through the platform. The TO cannot be held responsible for any disservices caused to the client by the Providers, as it does not play the role of “pre-acquirer of the services itself”, thereby not becoming its owner.

5.5 Third-Party Provider Rules and Restrictions

In making a Travel Package available, the TO works with providers of tourist products such as airlines and accommodation providers, but does not control these Providers. The Services are subject to the applicable Rules and Restrictions of the Providers.

The service providers are solely responsible for the management of the tourist service provided even when it is part of a Package, regarding their own service. Therefore, even when the tourist service provided by them is part of a Travel Package, they are held responsible for any disservice caused to the client regarding their service and thus the only ones responsible for managing any complaints and handling them (e.g., overbooking, re-protections, failure to provide the service, etc...), according to the conditions provided by the collective travel contract CCV, notwithstanding the assistance in the form of free collaboration of the TO.

5.6 Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances

Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances refer to situations that go beyond the control of the party invoking such situations and whose consequences could not have been avoided even by taking all reasonable measures. This could include, for example, wars, other serious security problems such as terrorism, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of a serious disease at the destination, or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or weather conditions that make it impossible to travel safely to the destination as agreed in the Travel Package contract.

5.7 Assistance on Site

5.7.1 Assistance in Case of Client Difficulties

The TO provides the Client with adequate assistance without unjustified delay in the event the Client is in difficulty, in particular by providing appropriate information regarding health services, local authorities, and consular assistance, and assisting the Client in making remote communications and helping him to find alternative tourist services if necessary. Typically, the TO does not ask for payment for such assistance, although it reserves the right to require payment of a reasonable cost for such assistance if the problem was caused intentionally or by the fault of the Client.

5.7.2 Resolving Disputes on Site

If there is a problem with the Client's Travel Package during their trip, the Client is asked to inform both the TO (using the details provided in the Booking Confirmation Email) and the relevant Provider (e.g., the accommodation provider) who will work to resolve the Client's problem. It is important that the Client reports the issue to both the TO and the Provider so that they can provide assistance to resolve it promptly.

Furthermore, the Client should send reports to the email: assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

5.7.3 Resolving Disputes Following the Vacation

If the complaint is not resolved on site, please submit any subsequent claim within 30 days from the return date by writing to the above email, providing the booking references and any relevant information. Please send concise and punctual emails.

Please note that failing to report the problems during the vacation, as indicated above, prevents the TO and the Provider from investigating and rectifying the complaint on site, and this may affect the Client's rights under this contract, including potentially reducing any due compensation, possibly to zero.

5.8 Obligations of Providers to Offer a Price Reduction and/or Compensation for Damage.

The Client will be entitled to an appropriate price reduction by the Provider for any period during which there is a Lack of Conformity, unless the Lack is attributable to the Client himself.

The Client will be entitled to receive adequate compensation for damage from the Provider for any damage suffered as a result of a Lack of Conformity unless the Lack is:

  • (a) attributable to the Client;
  • (b) attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the Services included in the Travel Package and is unforeseeable or unavoidable;
  • (c) due to Unavoidable and Extraordinary Circumstances.

The liability of the Provider will be limited in accordance with the applicable Rules and Restrictions relating to the elements contained in the Travel Package.

5.9 Expiry of Liability and Statute of Limitations

Claims based on the travel not conforming to the contract must be submitted by contacting assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it. Claims must be made in writing, in the interest of the Client.

5.10 Accessibility and Reduced Mobility

Not all Travel Packages are suitable for clients with reduced mobility. It is suggested to contact localtourism.it by sending an email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it for more information on tourist products that might be suitable for the specific needs of the Client so as to receive support before the booking of the Travel Package is completed.


6. Additional Information

6.1. Travel Destination

Before booking a trip, localtourism.it invites Clients from foreign countries to review any travel bans, warnings, announcements, and advice issued by local authorities and available on the institutional websites of their own country.

6.2. Prices and Information on the Site

The price of the Services will be as indicated from time to time on the Site, except in the case of an obvious material error. Prices are subject to updates at any time; however, such changes will not affect bookings already accepted except as provided in paragraph 5.3. The Client will be informed of all amounts payable at the time of booking.

Although localtourism.it (Manager) makes every effort to avoid errors, the price of some Services listed on the Site may be incorrect. localtourism.it (Manager) reserves the right to correct any obvious material errors in the price, on the site, and/or regarding bookings made at the incorrectly stated price. In such cases, localtourism.it (Manager) will offer the Client the opportunity to keep the booking at the correct price or cancel the booking without penalties for the Client. localtourism.it (Manager) is under no obligation to provide the Services to the Client at the incorrect lower price, even after the Client has sent confirmation of the booking.

6.3. Photographs and Illustrations

localtourism.it does its best to provide the Client with photographs and illustrations that give the Client a representation of the Service offered. The purpose of these photographs and illustrations is to show the Client the accommodation conditions and the level of comfort, the nature of the experiences offered, etc...; they should not be considered as a guarantee that exceeds this purpose.

6.4. Insurance

The prices indicated on the Site do not include travel insurance. Clients are encouraged to take out insurance that covers the consequences that may occur in certain cases of cancellation, and that provides coverage for extraordinary risks such as the cost of repatriation in case of accident or illness. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the insurance taken out is adequate to cover their needs. From time to time, during the booking process, some travel insurance products available for purchase may be shown to the Client. The details of the insurance company, key information related, and the terms and conditions will be displayed during the booking process.

6.5. Insurance for Insolvency or Bankruptcy in Case of Travel Package or Linked Travel Arrangement

The sale of tourist products on localtourism.it is managed by the TO Si Viaggiare, which has signed protection in case of insolvency or bankruptcy with Valore Sicuro -policy n. 5002002215/P

Email: info@bvviaggi.it

This insurance is valid only for Clients who create Travel Packages through the Site or in case of a Linked Travel Arrangement. Please note that this protection does not apply to any other travel product or service, such as flight only, hotel only, car rental only, or experience only booked through the Site.

In the case where a Linked Travel Arrangement has been made, the insurance will cover only the reimbursement of payments received by the TO for services that are not provided due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of the same. The insurance does not provide reimbursement in case of insolvency of another Provider and does not cover contracts concluded with other Providers, different from the TO itself.


7. Financial Terms and Payment Procedures

7.1 Local Taxes and Payments

The prices of the Services shown on the Site are expressed in Euros.

Any "purchase on the site" transaction for accommodation, special rate products, and Travel Packages is subject to the regulations for travel agents and tour operators, according to the provisions of articles 306-310 of Directive 2006/112/EC relating to the common system of value-added tax. localtourism.it proposes the sale of such conducted by the TO Si Viaggiare, based in Foggia, at Corso Garibaldi n. 38.

7.2. Expenses for the Reimbursement of Taxes

Except as specified below with reference to tax charges, neither localtourism.it (Owner and Manager) nor the TO collect taxes to transfer to the competent tax authorities. The expenses for the reimbursement of taxes on "purchase on the site" accommodation bookings constitute a recovery of the estimated taxes (e.g., sales and use taxes, occupancy tax, room tax, excise taxes, VAT, etc...) that the TO pays to the facility for taxes owed on the rental of the room for those transactions where the TO makes the Service directly available to the Client. The facility invoices the TO for the amount of the taxes. The facilities are responsible for paying the taxes to the competent fiscal jurisdictions. Neither localtourism.it nor the TO act as co-vendors together with the facility with which the Client books their travel.

The actual taxes paid by the TO to the facilities may differ from the expenses due for the reimbursement of taxes based on the rates, the taxability regime, etc., in force at the time of using the services provided by the accommodation. In addition to the above, in certain jurisdictions, sales taxes, use and/or occupancy taxes may be imposed on the amounts that the TO charges for its services. The actual taxes paid on our services, if any, may vary depending on the rate in effect at the time of using the services provided by the accommodation.


8. Customer Service and Complaint Management

Questions, requests for information, or complaints should be sent via email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it

To facilitate the procedure, Clients are invited to submit their complaints within 30 days from the end of a trip.

In general, complaints will be handled only if the issues mentioned in the email were reported through email to assistenza.clienti@localtourism.it during the trip (or as soon as reasonably possible), or to the carrier/provider if the dispute arises during the outbound or return journey, so as to be able to take steps to resolve the issue and limit the damage suffered by the Client. However, there may be exceptions based on the circumstances.

Complaints concerning loss, theft, or damage to luggage, clothes, or personal accessories that were not under the control of the Client during the stay should be addressed to the concerned Provider.

The European Commission platform for online dispute resolution is available at http://ec.europa.eu/odr


9. Marketplace

The localtourism.it platform allows for the sale of items in the “Shop” section. Product Providers can propose various merchandise categories on the marketplace, specifically:

    Typical Products
  • Agrifood products
  • Handicrafts
  • Wines and spirits
  • Clothing
  • Art objects

localtourism.it is not responsible for the quality of the products offered, nor for that of the services related to their provision.

9.1 Seller's Responsibility

The Product Provider or Seller, in addition to complying with the provisions for the general category of "Provider" (see art. 2), must adhere to the specifications of this paragraph.

9.1.1 Seller's Obligations

The seller must:

  • Be in compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to the production and sale of the products offered
  • Meticulously respect all regulations related to the processing, storage, and shipping of the product categories produced/marketed

They commit to:

  • Ensure that the marketed products match what is advertised on localtourism.it;
  • Respect the expected processing and delivery times for the products;
  • Handle the shipping of products, complying with our Shipping Policy.
  • Resolve any disputes or disagreements directly with the buyer.
  • Promptly inform the buyer in case of inability to complete an order, explaining the reason and canceling the order itself.
  • Refund any payments made by clients, in case of inability to complete an order, as soon as possible.
  • Strictly apply their corporate policy on the cancellation of purchase orders, returns, replacements, and refunds.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to requests for cancellation, returns, and replacements.
  • Keep proof of any cancellations of purchase orders, returns, replacements, refunds to the client.
  • Apply the right of withdrawal from the purchase
  • Resolve at their own expense any problems arising from:
    • a) Non-delivery of the order. A non-delivery occurs when a buyer places an order but does not receive the item. The following are examples of non-delivery cases:
      • There is no proof that the item was shipped to the buyer.
      • The item was not shipped to the address provided by the buyer.
    • b) Products not conforming to descriptions. An item is not as described if the buyer can demonstrate that it is significantly different from the description or photos provided in the listing. The following are some examples of non-conformity:
      • The product received is different in color, model, version, size, production year, weight, etc...
      • The product is different in packaging, design, or material.
      • The product is damaged or missing some of its parts.
      • The buyer received the wrong quantity of items (e.g., ordered a pack of three bottles of wine and received a pack containing only two bottles of wine).
      • The item was described as authentic or certified, but it is not.
      • The condition of the item is misrepresented (for example, the item is described as new but is used).
      It is possible to open a dispute against the Provider for non-delivery or for non-conformity with the description. To identify delayed delivery, the buyer must provide proof that all these conditions are met:
      • The item was ordered for a specific date or event.
      • The item becomes useless after that date.
      • The seller did not ship the item or items according to the processing time or the agreed-upon date.
      If localtourism.it determines that an item does not reflect its given description, it will require the seller to refund the order, including the original shipping and the return shipping.
    • c) Ineligible transactions. Considered ineligible transactions are:
      • Items arrived damaged due to inappropriate packaging by the seller
      • Items arrived damaged due to the shipping courier
      • Items received after the expected date due to delays caused by the shipping service.
      • Disputes over the cost of shipping.
      For these cases, the management of disputes is left to the seller and the buyer.

9.1.2 Product Shipping

Product Providers are responsible for shipping the items sold to buyers. If a shipping or order fulfillment service is used, remember that the seller is ultimately responsible for ensuring that buyers receive their orders.

By selling on localtourism.it, the seller commits to:

  • Provide an accurate sender address.
  • Specify the shipping costs and processing times in the shop.
  • Ship items promptly after a sale.

Shipping promptly means shipping each item within 7 days from purchase, unless otherwise specified in the processing time or a different shipping period is agreed upon with the buyer through Messages. Before updating the processing time for a specific order, consent from the buyer must be obtained.

  • Ship to the address listed on the localtourism.it receipt
  • Mark the order as shipped in the order card on localtourism.it once shipping has been carried out. Remember that the order should be marked as shipped only after actual shipping. When an order is marked as shipped, the buyer receives a notification.
  • Insert the shipment tracking number in the order card on localtourism.it
  • Insert the delivery confirmation in the order card on localtourism.it
  • Provide valid proof of proper shipping in the unlikely event that an order does not arrive.

9.1.3 Commissions

Visitimontidauni (Manager) applies a 10% markup for management expenses of the marketplace and payment systems.

Therefore, the price applied to the products by the Providers must take this circumstance into account.


10. localtourism.it's Responsibility

In relation to the purchase of Services and/or Products, localtourism.it acts as an intermediary between the Client and the Provider and, therefore, it (even in the case where it charges the price) is not responsible for any failure by the Providers to fulfill their obligations related to the Services provided to the Client.

Providers provide localtourism.it with information that describes the services/products viewable on the localtourism.it Site, such as the details of the services/products, photographs, prices, terms, and conditions of the Service. Providers are required to ensure that this information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. localtourism.it is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information, except and only to the extent that it is directly responsible for such inaccuracies.

Consumers may exercise rights established by law. The exclusions and limitations contained in these General Conditions apply only to the extent permitted by law. Nothing in these General Conditions can exclude or limit the liability of Providers in case of fraud, gross negligence, breach of contract, personal injury, or death caused by their negligence.


11. The Right of Withdrawal

Under the combined provisions of articles 47 letters g) and m) and 59 paragraph 1 letter n) of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal provided for by articles 52 and following of the Consumer Code does not apply.


12. Disclaimer

Except as otherwise provided in these General Conditions, all warranties, terms, and conditions, explicit or implied, in relation to this Site or the information contained in it are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.


13. Applicable Law

These General Conditions are governed by Italian law, excluding the applicability of law 218/95 ("Reform of the Italian system of private international law"). The Client agrees that the Italian judicial authority will have jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or arising from these General Conditions.


14. Privacy Management Information by the Owner of localtourism.it

Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 ("Privacy Code") and Article 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 ("GDPR 2016/679"), containing provisions to protect persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, we wish to inform you that the personal data you provide will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned legislation and the confidentiality obligations to which the Owner of localtourism.it, Rete del Mediterraneo. soc. cons. a.r.l., is held. The Data Controller is Rete del Mediterraneo. soc. cons. a.r.l., located in Foggia (Fg), Piazza Municipio n. 2. The data protection officer is in9’ srl, with legal headquarters in Trani (BT), via E. Baldassarre n. 48, email: dataprivacy@in9srl.it, certified email: in9srl@pec.it. The personal data you provide are necessary for the institutional purposes of the Entity and may be used to send newsletters. The processing will be carried out in automated and/or manual form, in compliance with Article 32 of GDPR 2016/679 and Annex B of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Articles 33-36 of the Code) on security measures, by specifically appointed individuals and in compliance with Article 29 GDPR 2016/ 679. We also inform you that the collected data will never be spread, outside the purposes for which they were collected, and will not be subject to communication without your explicit consent, except for the necessary communications that may involve the transfer of data to public entities, consultants, or other subjects for the fulfillment of legal obligations. At any time, you can exercise, under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and Articles 15 to 22 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679, the right to: a) request confirmation of the existence or not of personal data; b) obtain information about the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data, the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated and, when possible, the period of retention; c) obtain the correction and deletion of data; d) obtain the limitation of processing; e) obtain data portability, i.e., to receive them from a data controller, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and to transmit them to another data controller without hindrance; f) oppose the processing at any time and also in the case of processing for direct marketing purposes; g) oppose an automated decision-making process relating to natural persons, including profiling; h) ask the data controller for access to personal data and the rectification or deletion of the same or the limitation of processing concerning him or her, as well as the right to data portability; i) withdraw consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent given before the withdrawal; j) lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. You can exercise your rights with a written request sent to Rete del Mediterraneo. soc. cons. a.r.l. at the postal address of the legal headquarters in Foggia (FG), Via Galliani, 18, or to the certified email address: retedelmediterraneo@pec.it


15. Privacy Management Information by the Manager of localtourism.it

Information pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR")

Last update [24-05-2018]

15.1. Data Processing

Data Controller

For Rete del Mediterraneo, it is Intuizioni Creative in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative, with registered office in Foggia at Viale degli Artigiani 10/B (FG) and VAT no. 03795350713 (referred to as the “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”).


Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) pursuant to Art. 37 of the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 ("GDPR"). We remind you that you can contact the DPO at any time and send any questions or requests relating to your personal data and the respect of your privacy by writing to the following email address info@intuizionicreative.it.


Other subjects

Your personal data may be made known to our employees or collaborators, belonging to the categories of administrative, commercial, legal, accounting staff, or system administrators, depending on the processing, who, operating under our direct authority, are appointed as data processors and receive adequate operational instructions. Among the recipients of your data, there are also third-party service providers related to payments, shipments, marketing services, hosting providers, and providers of information system engineering services, IT companies, or companies specialized in market research and data processing with whom we enter into agreements that require them to adopt suitable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. Your data may also be transmitted to police forces and judicial and administrative authorities in accordance with the law. We may also transfer your personal data in the event of a sale or transfer in whole or in part of our business or assets (also in the event of reorganization, spin-off, dissolution, or liquidation). In no case do we sell or lease your personal data. Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Union to be processed by some of our service providers. In this case, we ensure that this transfer takes place in compliance with current legislation and that an adequate level of personal data protection is guaranteed in accordance with this Privacy Policy, based on an adequacy decision, standard clauses defined by the European Commission, or Binding Corporate Rules. In the event that your personal data are transferred to third-party providers established in the United States, data may be transferred to them if they have submitted self-certification pursuant to the Privacy Shield scheme ("Privacy Shield") regarding the type of data to be transferred, which requires them to provide similar protection to personal data shared between the EU and the United States.

15.2 Types of Data Collected

Personal data means all information about the user that allows us to identify him, such as name, contact details, payment details, and information about his access to the Site. When you register on our Site, create an account, use our services or contact our support service, we collect some of your personal data. Some of these data are voluntarily provided by the user himself while others we collect automatically.


Data voluntarily provided by the user

The Site offers users the possibility to voluntarily provide personal information through, for example, creating an account, purchasing/selling products and/or tourist services through our portal or our App, entering a review or comment, filling out the return service, completing the contact forum or using the messaging and chat service with our customer service or when you contact us to leave your comments or opinions. If you should contact us by phone, we record the call for training and service improvement purposes and take notes related to your call. Remember that you can register on the Site and create an account also using a social network account, such as a Facebook account. In the event that you register in this way by releasing the required authorizations at the time of registration, we will receive information from your social network account, such as for example name and surname, location, basic personal data. When you use the Site as a Seller, the contents and images uploaded to your online storefront will also be visible to other users; likewise, when you leave comments and reviews in the specific sections of the Site, the contents of your reviews, your name, and your photo (if uploaded) will be visible to those who access the Site.


Sensitive data

We do not process sensitive data, i.e. details about physical or mental health, alleged commission of crimes or criminal convictions, however, in the event that you spontaneously share any such information with us, we will only process such data with your explicit consent.


Data of third parties

If you decide to provide third party data make sure that these subjects have been previously and adequately informed about the methods and purposes of processing described here. In relation to this hypothesis, you place yourself as an independent data controller, assuming all legal obligations and responsibilities. In any case, we do not assume any responsibility for any false statements provided by you. Should we notice the existence of untruthful declarations we will proceed with the immediate deletion of any personal data acquired.


Data of minors under 16 years of age

In this regard, we remind you that if you are under 16 years of age you cannot provide us with any personal data, and in any case we do not assume any responsibility for any false statements you may provide. Should we notice the existence of untruthful declarations we will proceed with the immediate deletion of any personal data acquired.


Navigation data

We collect the following data through the services you use:

  • technical data: This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of the computers you use when you connect to the Site, the addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to your operating system and computer environment. These data are used only for statistical information (therefore are anonymous), to check the correct functioning of the Site and are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site: except for this eventuality, data on web contacts do not persist for more than 7 days.
  • data collected using cookies or similar technologies: for information on this point, we invite you to visit the section “Types of cookies used by Visitmontdauni” (art.15.10).

15.3. Purposes of Data Processing

a) To guarantee you access to the Site and/App and the use of our services

When you use the Site and/or App and its services, we will use your personal data to allow you to register on the Site and create a personal account, to verify your identity as a user of the Site, to allow you to purchase/sell products/services and, if the case, to return the products purchased, to provide you with customer support and to solve any problems you report, to send you necessary communications (such as for example confirming the purchase order or confirming the successful payment or reminding you of products in your cart) as well as to provide you with all the other services described in the General Conditions.


b) To inform you about products, services, events, and for other promotional purposes

If you have explicitly given us your consent or if we have a legitimate interest (according to applicable legislation), we will use your data to update you about products and services offered by us and to inform you about promotional, commercial, and advertising activities of the Company or third-party commercial partners via email, SMS or WhatsApp sending; only if you are a professional we could notify you of such promotions and events by telephone call through an operator or customer care service consisting of offering services dedicated to sales and after-sales. Furthermore, always with your consent or if we have a legitimate interest (according to applicable legislation), we may use your data in the context of conducting market research and surveys to detect your satisfaction, via email, SMS or WhatsApp, in order to improve our services and the relationship with our users


c) To offer you a personalized service

If you have explicitly given us your consent, we use your data to analyze your habits and consumption choices, in order to offer you a personalized service and in line with your interests and to improve our commercial offer.


d) To improve the services we offer through the Site

We will use the data provided to improve the services we offer through the Site and your shopping experience. In particular, we may analyze the use and measure the effectiveness of our Site to better understand how it is used in order to improve it as well as to engage and retain users.


e) To ensure our rights, property or data security

We may also use personal data in relation to the use of our Site to prevent or detect fraud, abuse, illegal use, violations of our General Conditions, and to comply with court orders, government requests or comply with applicable legal provisions.

15.4. Legal Basis of Data Processing

We will process your personal data only if we have a legal basis to do so.

In most cases, we will process your data to ensure you access to the Site and the services offered there. In addition, we may process your data for one or more of the following reasons:

  • With your explicit consent (for example to inform you about our products, services, events, and for other promotional purposes, as well as to offer you a personalized service)
  • To ensure compliance with legal obligations, regulations, and community standards (for example to comply with court orders, government requests or comply with applicable legal provisions)
  • For our legitimate interest (for example to improve the services we offer through the Site or to ensure property and data security).

15.5. Obligation to Provide Data

The provision of personal data is mandatory only for processing necessary to ensure you access to the Site and/or App and the services we offer through it. Any refusal to provide the personal data required for this purpose makes it impossible to register on the Site and use the related services. All other provisions of your information are optional but providing them allows us to offer you a better experience.

15.6. Methods and Timing of Data Processing

The storage of personal data will take place in paper and/or electronic form and for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes referred to in the previous point 3 ("For what purposes do we process your data?").

In particular, when you register on the Site and/or the App and create an account, we process and store most of your information in our possession for as long as you actively use the services we offer through the Site and/or the App. Following the closure of your account, we will keep your personal information for a maximum period of 24 months from the date of account deletion for defense purposes and/or to assert our right in judicial and/or extrajudicial proceedings in case of legal disputes related to the execution of our services; your additional personal information related to transactions made through the Site is kept for 10 years according to the law (including tax obligations).

For direct marketing and profiling purposes, we keep your data for a maximum period provided by the applicable regulations, respectively 24 and 12 months from your last interaction, of any kind, with the Site.

For the purposes of analysis aimed at improving the service, the user's personal data will be subject to a maximum retention period of 24 months from the date of their registration.

Upon expiration of the maximum retention period for personal data as provided in this section, we will automatically delete your data or anonymize them permanently and irreversibly.

We remind you that if you do not perform any active action (such as using the services offered by the Site and/or App, browsing, searches and/or any other way of using the Site and/or App) for a continuous period of 36 months, you will be classified as an inactive user and, after written notification concerning the deactivation of your account, we will proceed to keep your personal data for the maximum retention period provided herein.

15.7. User Rights

In accordance with the GDPR, you have the right to ask us, at any time, for access to your personal data, the rectification or deletion of the same, to oppose their processing, or to exercise the right to data portability. The applicable personal data protection legislation also allows you to exercise the right to request the limitation of processing in the cases provided by Art. 18 of the GDPR, as well as to obtain in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, the data concerning you, in the cases provided by Art. 20 of the GDPR.

Requests can be addressed to the email address info@localtourism.it. In particular, if you want to authorize the activities referred to in letter b) (Marketing purposes) at the previous point 15.3 ("Purposes of Data Processing") and later do not wish to receive further communications from us or want to limit the ways in which to be contacted, you can stop these communications at any time simply by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link located at the bottom of each communication.

Finally, we remind you that you always have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali), under Art. 77 of the GDPR, if you believe that the processing of your data is contrary to the legislation in force.

15.8. Data Protection

Your personal data is processed by the subjects indicated in the previous point 15.1 ("Data Processing"), in accordance with the legislation in force. In particular, to ensure the security of your data taking into account the state of the art and the costs of implementation, as well as the nature, the object, the context, and the purposes of the processing, as well as the risk of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, we have adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.

15.9. Information Notice Updates

This information notice was published on the date indicated at the header and may undergo changes over time also related to the possible entry into force of new industry regulations, to the update or provision of new services or to technological innovations. In such case, the joint controllers will notify you giving evidence of such updates.

15.10 Types of cookies used by Visitmontdauni

15.10.1 Technical Cookies

This type of cookie allows some sections of the application to work correctly. They are of two categories: persistent and session:

  • persistent: once the application is closed they are not destroyed but remain until a pre-set expiration date
  • session: are destroyed every time the application is closed

These cookies, always sent by our servers, are necessary to correctly use the application in relation to the technical services offered, will therefore always be used and sent, unless the users change the settings in their mobile device (thus affecting the visual display of the application).

15.10.2 Analytical Cookies

Cookies in this category are used to collect information on the use of the application. The staff of Local Tourism will use this information for anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the application and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the wishes of the user. This type of cookie collects anonymous data on the activity of users and how they arrived at the application. Analytical cookies are sent from the application itself or from third-party domains.

15.10.3 Third-party service analysis cookies

These cookies are used in order to collect information on the use of the application by users in an anonymous form such as: pages visited, time spent, origins of traffic of origin, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for the purpose of marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent from third-party servers external to the application.

15.10.4 Cookies to integrate products and software functions of third parties

This type of cookie integrates features developed by third parties within the pages of the application like icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the contents or for the use of third-party software services (such as software to generate maps and additional software that offers additional services). These cookies are sent by third-party servers and from partner sites that offer their functionality throughout the application.

15.10.5 Profiling Cookies

These cookies are necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user within the application.

For all other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the User with one or more of the following ways:

  • By specific configurations of the mobile device used
  • By changing settings in the use of third-party services

Both of these solutions may prevent the user from using or viewing parts of the application.

15.10.6 Third-party services

The application may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy which may be different from the one adopted by the current application and therefore is not responsible for these sites.

15.10.7 Permissions for accessing personal data on the user's device

Depending on the specific device used by the user, the application may require certain permissions to access the user's data present on the device itself, as described below.

These permissions must be granted by the user before any information can be processed. After granting, permission can be revoked by the user at any time. To revoke permissions, the user can use the system settings or contact the owner at the addresses indicated in this document.

The procedure for controlling permissions may vary depending on the device and software used by the user.

Please consider that the revocation of one or more permissions may affect the correct functioning of the application.

In case the user grants the permissions indicated below, the related personal data may be processed (access, modification, or removal) by the staff of Local Tourism.

15.10.8 Location Permission

The application may collect, use, and share the user's location in order to provide location-based services. The geographical location of the user is determined in a non-continuous manner; the application therefore cannot locate the user's position in a continuous manner.

15.10.9 Memory Permission

Used to access shared external storage devices including the ability to read and add any element on them.

15.10.10 Push Notifications

The staff of localtourism.it may send informative push notifications to users who have agreed to receive notifications.

Furthermore, the User has the possibility through the mobile application to specify receiving notifications from any hospitality, restaurant, or production facilities.

15.11. Questions

We welcome questions, comments, and concerns about our privacy policy and privacy practices. If you wish to provide feedback or if you have questions or concerns, we invite you to contact our DPO or send an email to info@localtourism.it.

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