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Localtourism.it is a digital platform where food and wine companies enhance their value, along with their territory, by "systematizing" the relationship between their products, culture, and experiential tourism of their land.

But Localtourism.it is also a community that, by speaking "local," certifies the "Made in Italy" origin of a product, thus becoming not only a brand but also a tool to transform the consumer of that product into a tourist of the territory where it is produced and marketed, promoting the entire Italian territory, especially the lesser-known areas of our "Beautiful Country."

There are several advantages that joining localtourism.it guarantees, such as:

1. Digitization of the relationship between the company and the territory. This kind of work would require significant resources in terms of time and money for the producer. With localtourism.it, this issue is entrusted to an expert team with a significantly lower investment.

2. Increased communication power, thanks to the presence of each producer on the pages of others (non-competitors).

3. The company becomes an ambassador for its territory. The more tourists there are in the area, the more opportunities there are to turn them into consumers.

4. The Made in Italy label is finally valued and certified.

5. The product with the localtourism.it brand takes on a different value from that of competitors; therefore, it can be sold with a higher margin compared to products from other regions or private label items because it is recognized, valued, and certified as an Italian product.

6. Increase sales through your own e-commerce platform by showcasing products within localtourism.it.

All of this becomes possible through the scanning of a QR code placed on the product label, allowing access to the digital platform where all information about the product, the company producing and marketing it, as well as the culture and tourist attractions of the originating territory can be acquired quickly and easily.

The localtourism.it project is proposed by RETE DEL MEDITERRANEO, a network of companies committed for years to enhancing the territory, integrating essential elements such as culture, experiential tourism, and food and wine products (besides being an online news outlet registered with ROC). The project is in collaboration with one of the network companies, Intuizioni Creative, a team of experienced professionals that has been assisting businesses in the fields of IT and corporate marketing for over 15 years.

In our over a decade of experience in territorial marketing, we noticed that production companies communicate the history, traditions, culture, and tourist attractions of their territory within a limited context. This is partly due to the complexity of promoting all areas of Italy, especially the inland ones.

We also observed a certain difficulty for food and wine companies to create a "network" among themselves to certify the "Italian" origin of their product. This often leads the end consumer to not always be certain of having a genuine "Made in Italy" product, especially abroad. Additionally, food and wine products are simply consumed, and the experience is limited to that.

Hence, the birth of localtourism.it.

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