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The Company

The Dream of Michele.

It is not visible on geographical maps. It is a tiny dot lost in the vast territory of the Dauni Mountains. Yet, it is here, in Casalvecchio di Puglia, in the province of Foggia, nestled amidst the golden wheat and caressed by the red poppies, that the dream of Michele, the eldest son of our family, was realized. Sadly, he passed away prematurely when he was still too young. He was the designated heir of our agricultural company, the one who, along with our father Vincenzo, dreamed of transforming the wheat we cultivated. Thus, "MOLINO DE VITA" was born—a dream turned into reality, a "chimera" stubbornly sought and found through the passion and determination of a family of farmers and wheat producers.

The pride of a farming history.

Today, Molino De Vita boasts 45 employees, including both permanent and indirect workers, and has a milling production capacity of 5,000 quintals of wheat per day.

Today, Molino De Vita has received numerous national and international accolades, including being among the top 10 Puglian companies honored with the Best Value Award.

Today, Molino De Vita is registered in the registry of Italian excellences as an ambassador of Made in Italy, recognized for combining tradition and innovation in the production of organic durum wheat semolina.

But what about yesterday? Yesterday, we were farmers who passionately and lovingly cultivated their wheat, delivering it to others for milling. Once sold, we didn't know what "became" of the wheat on our table and on the tables of our friends and relatives.

Thus, the question arose for our father, Vincenzo De Vita, and his firstborn son, Michele: Is it possible to have a mill here, in the "granary of Italy," managed by those who cultivate the wheat? And so, the dream of establishing a milling plant on the hills of the Dauni Mountains, overlooking the flat area of the Foggia province, between the ancient agricultural centers of Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Casalvecchio di Puglia, and Torremaggiore, was born.

Today, that dream is a solid reality.

Today, we have our own mill, which we could define as "artisanal" because we produce custom-made semolina for our many customers.

Today, we are both farmers and millers.

And we are proud of it.

Our territory, our life.

Casalvecchio di Puglia, in the province of Foggia, is our "home." It is here, in the Dauni Mountains, that our mill is located. It is here, amidst "our" wheat fields, that we decided to establish our milling company to engage in daily dialogue and interaction with the local farmers, further cementing the deep ancestral bond that connects us to our land, which plays a fundamental role in our company.

Our territory is so important to us that we were among the first companies in Italy to join a brand-new territorial marketing development project: localtourism.it.

This makes us "ambassadors" of our territory throughout Italy, with our products becoming the "business cards" of our area.

And yes, we have always proudly shared our origins and our land.

We have never been ashamed.

We have never been ashamed because a farmer loves their land.

They respect it.

They nurture it.

They know that only by doing so will they receive the rightful reward.

And so it is.

Every day.

The Earth and Man.

"To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves." (MAHATMA GANDHI)

We do not forget the warmth of the sun that burns our skin.

We do not forget the scent of rain, the taste of the wind, and the flight of birds over our fields.

We do not forget the sounds of the earth and the vibrations of nature.

You see, we do not forget that we are farmers, generation after generation, before being millers.

And we are proud of it.

The Earth and the Air.

The Earth nurtures life, and the Air nourishes it.

A farmer knows this.

A farmer knows that if the land is respected, it will be grateful.

A farmer knows that clean air, free from pollutants, will make the harvest even more fruitful and of high quality.

That is why here at Molino De Vita, the pure air of the Dauni Mountains holds great importance for us, just like the land itself.

The Earth, Technology, and Tradition.

In agriculture, respect for the biodiversity of the land is the fundamental requirement for technology to be beneficial.

Today, we at Molino De Vita are a concrete example of how this can be possible.

All the technological innovations that characterize the processing of wheat for the production of flour are always at the service of the quality of the food product, without altering its genuineness and while respecting tradition.

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